Dangerous Revolver Grip

Submitted by: Arden Peters


A recent tragic injury to a St. Louis area shooter of a S&W 460XVR Magnum is a reminder of how dangerous an improper grip can be. This is especially true of such a high power round - 200gr Cor-Bon DPX .460 - the round fired in this case. Rather than using a thumb-over-thumb grip on the revolver, the shooter was gripping the lower left side of the revolver frame with his left hand. This grip placed the tip end section of his left thumb at the point where there is a clearance gap between the front of the cylinder and the breach end of the barrel. The escaping gases from that gap severed his left thumb near the tip. The wounded shooter was told by the surgeon that surgery would take place after a few days. Seems as though a gunshot wound, or in this case, the blast of gases from a gunshot, kill more flesh than is initially apparent. It is therefore necessary to wait a few days until all of the dead flesh is manifested. If surgery is not delayed, the dead flesh will rot and cause further problems.
The danger of having any part of the hand near the gap between the front of a cylinder and the breach end of the barrel on a revolver certainly can result on a burn. Now, we know that with very high power loads, amputation of part of the hand/fingers/thumb can also result. 
It is so important to remind ourselves that when a safety rule is being broken and once the gun has been fired, there is no second chance.


The moral of this story is....